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Wood Borer Control

Small sized beetles that survive on the starch found in wood are called Wood borers.

How to Spot Woodborer infestation:

They damage wood at the larval stage for food. Once they turn adults, they eat their way into the wood and leave back holes that damage your furniture over a long period of time. If you spot any such holes in your wooden furniture, it is your first clue to a wood-borer infestation.

You will also see a lot of wooden frass (powder) that keeps falling through small holes in your wood. This is yet another sign of infestation.

The Treatment -WBMS (Wood Borer Management Service)

Wood borer infestations cannot be treated by DIY remedies. They require expert treatment and extensive inspection. Once they are identified, we use special syringes to inject Wood Preservative chemicals into the holes made by the wood borers to combat the wood borer infestation in your wooden furniture. We also spray these chemicals that contain a petroleum base to prevent further damage.

Advantages of using Vcure wood borer control expertise:

We offer a warranty on our wood borer pest control service that ensures a long lasting solution to your pest problem, and also ensures future protection of wooden furniture from wood borer damage.

Annual Contract

Each of our Services is followed by check-ups conducted every 3 months to provide you protection all year around.

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